Beyond the Grid

Monitoring the city’s security grid, a shocked Megan blurted out, “What the….?”

The co-workers on shift with her quickly adjusted their monitors to see what Megan was watching.

“Oh, dear God,” Rebecca gasped.

Security Surveillance had been moved underground several years earlier, two levels  lower than the subway system. Just below the subway level, there were several shops for commuters and employees, offering almost anything they could purchase on the surface. Near the entrance to the security level, there was a daycare center for employees of the shops and security who had small children.

Megan and her husband had worked in the facility for years, and maintained a small apartment adjacent to the control room, as did several of their co-workers. It was simply easier; the city offered the pleasant living quarters for a song compared to city rental rates.

Enough people lived and worked “The Underground”, as they called it amongst themselves, that there was a healthy social life, and most people were content to limit their visits to the surface, often staying below the city for weeks at a time.

The exception was the small group of school-aged children who commuted out and up into the city to attend their classes. They were accompanied on weekdays by the few adults with jobs on the surface.

“What do we do?” Megan asked.

“Close the gates,” Ruben ordered.

“No! Rebecca cried. “My kids are up there! Jim is up there!”

Ruben stared grimly at the monitors. “Not anymore,” he said.


Author’s Note: Inspired by a prompt on Writers Unite!

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