Anthologies For You!

This is my personal blog, where I generally share stories and sometimes observations and opinions. I don’t often do promotions, but sometimes a person just has to make an exception.

Recently, I submitted a couple of stories for possible publication in an anthology being published by Writers Unite! Writers Unite! is a writing group that emphasizes the writing process and has administrators and members who encourage one another in their writing and publishing journeys.

Both my stories were accepted for publication. Each volume contains one story by me and several other stories by many other gifted writers I am proud to be associated with.

Both volumes are now available. I hope you’ll take a look! (See my name on the cover? Whoo-hoo!)

Writers Unite! Anthologies Dimensions of Science Fiction: Volume One Kindle Edition

Dimensions of Science Fiction: Volume Two Kindle 

Both volumes are also available in paperback! Please check us all out!


3 thoughts on “Anthologies For You!

  1. Dear Paula,

    I’ve been so busy lately, I honestly forgot about the anthologies and my story’s in the second one. You go, girl on getting one in each volume. Although I love sci-fi, I’m not so great at writing it. 😉




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