New Books Out Now!!

Yeah, yeah, this is some self-promotion stuff. But, you know what? It’s not just me–there are so many good writers featured in these two volumes, and I know you’re going to love their stories!

The books are available now, and great stuff is inside. Have a tiny taste of what’s to be found within:

Story excerpt:

“I spent this whole time,” Walter grunted, shoving against the door, “trying to get the door to lock. And now,” he panted, “the sucker won’t unlock!”

“Can you crawl under?” Mickey asked, and added, “Oh…”

“Maybe if I was four!”

“Yeah, I see that.”

In an effort to discourage public restroom hanky-panky, the stall walls and doors had been altered to extend nearly to the ceiling and were only about six inches from the floor. A small child might be able to go under. Walter? Not a chance.

A tall, heavyset man—one who could possibly defy the higher stall walls if he was so inclined—burst out of his stall and yelled, “What the hell do you think you’re doing, you little shit?”

Mickey cowered, but managed to reply, “My friend is stuck. He can’t get out.”

“Well, go get maintenance and quit disturbing everyone!”

From some other stall, the hissing: “Maaayyy-ta-nensssss. Dissssturbing.”

The tall man slammed his hand against a stall door and yelled, “And you knock that shit off, asshole!”

The door slammed inward and bang back out. No one was in the stall.

A little boy, about eight, emerged from the stall nearest the door and threw a terrified glance toward Mickey and the big man before running from the room, crying, “Mom! Mom!”

While Walter continued trying to push the latch open, Mickey and the man quickly searched under stall doors.


Mickey said, “No way was that the kid.”

The man’s Adam’s apple bounced a couple of times. “What the—?” He turned to Walter’s stall and gave the door a good shaking. “Kid? Come on out of there!”

“I’d love to, sir,” Walter squeaked.

“Jesus.” The big man stalked toward the door, calling back to Mickey. “I gotta catch this train. Call maintenance.” His face was pale.

“Mickey?” Walter called through the door. “What happened?”

“I’m not… I’m not really sure. You heard that guy mocking me, right?”

“Yeah. He sounds seriously creepy. Did he leave?”

“He…uh.” Mickey drummed his fingers on the door, the rhythm very like the William Tell Melody: badabum, badabum, badabum bum bum.


“There was no one else in here. Just the big guy, and a scared little kid.”

Missing the Ride by Paula Shablo

Seriously, don’t miss out on this and many other spine tingling stories.

Available Today!!

Volume One eBook:

Volume Two eBook:

Volume One Paperback:

Volume Two Paperback:

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