Pete stared out the window, completely disgruntled.

He lived for Saturdays, the only day Maggie had the time to bring him to the dog park. She loved to bring him here, and he loved spending time with her, chasing his frisbee and dancing his fancy dances to make her laugh.

She didn’t laugh much these days. Since Zane had been gone, she mostly sat watching sad movies while Pete lay next to her with his head in her lap.

Pete wanted Zane to come home, but he overheard Maggie on her talk box, saying Zane was “gone forever, may he rest in peace.” Pete didn’t know what pieces Zane was resting in, but he suspected it meant Zane wasn’t coming home.

It made him sad. And Maggie was sad, except when they came to the dog park and Pete danced with his frisbee.

They’d finally arrived, both of them excited for some fresh air and exercise. But it started to rain. Not gentle sprinkles that Pete would be delighted to dance in, either–hard, cold splashing rain that would drench them both immediately if they set foot outside the car.

Maggie put down the window so Pete could look out. She sighed, her breath catching in her throat in a wavering half-sob. Pete whined. “Oh, Petey! I’m so sorry,” Maggie cried.

Pete crawled between the bucket seats and gave his Maggie a kiss on the cheek, and she hugged him. “Should we wait it out?” Maggie assessed the park; hollows in the ground had filled to overflowing with cold water, and areas without grass already looked treacherously slippery with slimy mud. Pete whined again. He didn’t mind the puddles so much, but he wasn’t fond of mud; he was oddly fastidious for a dog.

Maggie brightened, a smile lighting her face. “I know what!” she cried. “Lets go to the drive-through for a cheeseburger and an ice cream. No need to be gloomy, buddy.”

Pete cheered up immediately. Cheeseburgers and ice cream! Yes, yes, yes! His tail beat a happy rhythm against the seat.

Watching Pete eat ice cream always made Maggie laugh. It would be a good Saturday after all.

They drove off into the rain-soaked afternoon.

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