Water Damage

I pressed my forehead against the window

And stared at the vista below me

The Grand Canyon

It’s a miracle of erosion

The ultimate evidence of the effects of water damage

I remember thinking that Chinese water torture

Seemed a frivolous waste of time

Drip, drip, drop–what was the big deal?

But, just look at that canyon!

Miles of previously level terrain

Drip, drip, drop–it’s a big damn deal

When it’s your own forehead, I’d venture

Imagine being subjected to it so long

That it eroded your skin, muscles and skull

Until a full cup of water

Could be poured into the trench before it overflowed

Drip, drip, drop… drip, drip, drop…

It’s rather much what living with you

Has done to my heart

My poem was previously published on my vocal.media profile.

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