Today I Didn’t

Today I didn’t wake up with tears on my face

Today I didn’t greet you on my way up the stairs, only to encounter your empty chair when I entered the room

Today I didn’t start that extra cup of coffee or reach for the place setting you no longer need

Today I didn’t do those things


I told you I was doing better

I will never stop talking to you; I know you can hear.

I told you I was getting used to you being in a different place; a better place

But I would never get used to you not being near

Today I didn’t try to feed you

Today I didn’t count out your pills

But today I did print out a joke I found online, because I knew you would find it funny

I wanted to show it to you and hear you laugh

And today I did shoot a video of your dog playing with her ball, so you could watch it and smile


Today I didn’t get it

Today I didn’t accept a thing

And when I was told to take it one day at a time

I said


I take it each thing I did or didn’t do today

And so

Today, and every day

I didn’t stop loving you

Today, and every day

I didn’t stop missing you

But today I didn’t cry

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